Who Are We?

t Elan Jewelry, we hold our jewelry to a higher standard. We believe that every woman can be true to themselves and wear jewelry as a tool of self-expression and self-empowerment. We are here to become your final destination for jewelry, offering a range of pieces that cater to any taste and budget.

What makes Elan different?

WATERPROOF AND SWEATPROOF- Shower in it, swim in it, and wear it to the gym.

10x STRONGER COATING - Our gold plating is the most modern on the market, 10x stronger than regular gold plating.

PREMIUM MATERIALS- Say goodbye to allergic reactions, Elan Jewelry is made with hypoallergenic stainless steal. No more worrying about green skin.

REAL 18K GOLD- Our jewelry is vacuum coated in layers of 14k and 18k real gold, to make it last longer than others.

COLOR FADE WARRANTY- Elan pieces won't tarnish, won't fade color, and won't rust!